Yes I Can – Stop-Motion

About Project

When I was introduced to stop-motion photography, I knew just about as much as I knew about claymation, absolutely nothing! Claymation is a method of animation in which clay figures are filmed using stop-motion photography. Stop-motion photography is a method of animation that uses the manipulation of an option to make it appear that it’s moving. Do you have a better picture of what stop-motion is now? If not, don’t worry, I didn’t either until I actually tried my hand at it.

As a child, I enjoyed playing with paper dolls, Barbie dolls, even stick figures. So, taking a walk down Barbie Doll Lane was a lot of fun for this much more mature artist. LOL! I didn’t have any Barbie dolls on hand since my mother had given them away years before I even left home for undergraduate. So, I was forced to roam through the local Wal-Mart to purchase one or two, an ultimately an entire family of 10 dolls for this experiment.

After watching a few YouTube videos on how to create stop-motion photography, my textbook, and a few rounds of practice, I was able to complete not one, but two videos for class. My theme for both videos was the importance of the choices that we make in our lives. These videos were designed to help students become more aware of their need to act responsibly and use their critical thinking skills to make the best decisions in their lives. The first stop-motion video was a public service announcement for texting while driving. The second stop-motion video was a public service announcement for teenage sex.

The entire experience gave me a true appreciation for animated cartoons, films, and commercials that use a similar technique. I can’t imagine the number of hours spent making these fantastic displays of stop-motion photography compared to the three hours that it took me to make a very simple demonstration of the technique. Nonetheless, I was pretty excited about this new found skill, and can’t wait to apply it again on a larger scale.


Project Details
  • Categories:Photography, Sound, Videography
  • Skills:Adobe Audition, Adobe Lightroom, Claymation, TechSmith Camtasia
  • Client:University of West Georgia
  • Date:09/05/2017
  • Budget:N/A
  • Location:Alpharetta, Georgia