Picture Perfect – Presets (Krog St. Tunnel)

About Project

Lighting is extremely important when capturing the perfect picture. Some photographers prefer indoor lighting versus natural lighting, others prefer the opposite. As a photographer, I enjoy achieving different aesthetics using either method. I also enjoy using presets to enhance the mood and feel of my raw footage. It is true that you can take enormous amounts of images during each shoot and only return with one or two quality images. It’s also true that you can turn an otherwise mundane image or mistake into a better image.

I like to use presets in post editing to correct lighting issues, spotlight certain aspects of an image, and change the mood and feel of an image that would normally remain flat and dull.

The examples in this portfolio piece were taken from the Krog Street Tunnel in Cabbagetown. The natural lighting was limited due to the underground environment, but with a barn door light and my favorite Canon T7i DSLR, I was able to document the creative imaginations of some of Atlanta’s most talented graffiti artists.

With the help of a few Lightroom presets, I was able to take the raw footage that you see in the images to spotlight the eery sketches in the concrete pillars that are not easily seen in the original images. I also used presets to change the mood of these images to show the eery feeling in one version of an image and then a different preset to reflect the grimy, dirtiness of the environment in another.